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By Julia Dee and Ida Gazzola

The authors, both raising large families, share the wisdom, passed down generations, of effective and joyful motherhood, as well as peaceful and happy families. Going beyond "schedule," they describe successful teamwork between parents and baby, fulfilling routine, mutual support, and how to achieve a peaceful family rhythm. Instead of dictating what you should do, this book gives you tools to develop your own practical patterns and tranquil flow of life with baby.

Julia Dee completed her education in Sydney, Australia in Hotel and Tourism management and dreamed of running a bed & breakfast in the mountains. Now she runs a bed breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 10! She competed nationally in tennis and loves to back-country ski. She resides with her husband and 10 children in British Columbia, Canada

Ida Gazzola  is Mom to 6 girls and 1 boy, loves the outdoors and being with
her family. Before embarking on the adventure of marriage and family life,
she studied English, Law, and Finance and worked in the financial industry.
She resides with her family in British Columbia, Canada.


Mother of 2

"By using Julia’s sleeping plan with our second child things went quite differently. We were able to get her to sleep through the night after 6 weeks! I would highly recommend using Julia’s sleeping plan for your baby. It would greatly benefit family life as a good night’s sleep is very important to the well being of each family member!"


Mother of 5 including twins  

"Short term pain = long term gain. I remember it being a bit tough at first but then the babies slept so well!! More sleep for mamma = happy mamma = happy family."



Mom of 7 and blogger at

"I was flexible with each child and with the simple instructions I was able to be a better wife and mom due to following the basic premise of a parent directed feeding schedule. I noticed the kids felt more secure and calmer knowing their mom was in charge of when they ate and they didn’t need to cry to be fed. I would encourage all moms to try this method and make modifications for each child as all children are different and unique."



Mother of 6, including twins

"With the twins, the schedule was really the best. Working with the babies, I got them on the same schedule so that my day was much more organized and I had time for housework as well as more time to spend with the rest of my children. Putting them in their bed awake was key since they would soothe themselves and easily fall back to sleep. If I had not worked with them in getting into this routine, they would have been on different schedules."

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