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By Fr. Jesus Urteaga

Fr. Urteaga (1921-2009) is a writer who gave exceptional value to the human side of life, and its enrichment by an ongoing struggle for virtue. Likewise, he never lost sight of the importance of grace. He addresses parents in their sometimes-difficult job of raising children to be not only men and women, but Christian saints. His modus operandi is that life is truly worthwhile if it is lived for the love of God.

In these chapters, he draws on his own rich experience as a teacher and spiritual director. He adds Christian doctrine, humor, and common sense to make God and Children a book for all parents and especially those of young children.

Originally printed in 1960, this newly revised and slightly abridged version of Urteaga's book captures the spirit of his advice which is grounded in truth and is timeless in quality.

The author was a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. Born in San Sebastioan, Spain, Rev. Urteaga served as a a chaplain at a high school in Bilbao, an editor of a religious monthly for lay people, a television host, and an author of numerous books. He held doctorates in both theology and law. Saints in the World is another one of his classics and is also published by Scepter. It is said that his love for God was white hot and all his writings reflect that deep burning love.

‘This book is a priceless addition to any home. Its cost equals two movies. Order it for the young couples in your family, and for the more mature parents too. I would like to see it become required reading in every college “premarital” course’ — The New World, Chicago.

‘The book as a whole is well worth reading and consulting, and we would like to see it in the hands of all parents and teachers’ — Catholic Weekly, NSW.

‘Father Urteaga is profoundly interested in the problems and difficulties of family life today and, as a teacher, knows and understands children. To a woman, the outstanding qualities of his book are its spirituality, commonsense and sympathy. And he certainly understands the child’s mind! This invaluable book should be in every home where there are young and teenage children. An ideal present for parents’ — Gaelic Weekly.

‘The author is already well known as an authority on social problems, whose book Man the Saint has been widely read. This is a very sound book, simple and easy to read. It is full of practical advice and will be more than an eye-opener to many parents’ — Irish Press.

‘A book which, while it is deeply spiritual, is also refreshingly concerned with the more mundane aspects of family life … A fresh, new voice, speaking not in pious platitudes or tired clichés but simply and directly’ — Ave Maria.

‘There are very few parents who would not benefit from reading this book. It is meant for them, for the author insists on the primacy of the family. He takes up the different stages of life from infancy through childhood and adolescence until the individual is ready to take his place in the adult world. He gives solid practical advice on each phase and shows how to make religion enter into the fabric of living. The motive that he calls for throughout is the generous giving of self, even when others are petty in their lives’ — Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

‘It was read by four young families. One and all, they rejoiced in the optimism and freshness of the work. They found it a welcome change from the excessively physiological books on this subject, as well as the work heavily loaded with psychological jargon. Its direct, conversational style has a wide appeal. This book should go far towards helping to maintain a sane, Catholic balanced outlook on family life. A book which may be welcomed with enthusiasm … Worth its weight in gold’ — Irish Catholic.

‘An extremely well-written book which very many parents should appreciate. Fr Urteaga is very direct and he writes in a fresh style … He deals with children of many ages and his ideas are rich both in variety and originality — as well as being as progressively modern as any parent would ask for. Very highly recommended’ — Sunday Press, Dublin.

‘God and Children, by the author of Man the Saint, is as fresh and sincere as that best-seller for teenagers and others who are young at heart. Marriage is a vocation, human love is God’s creation, children must be loved and taught to love God: all Fr Urteaga’s advice is positive’ — Irish Spotlight.

‘Personal, direct and outspoken … this book is one for parents and teachers to read and read again’ — Zealandia.

‘When so many reasons are currently put forward — so variously and so attractively — for not having children, this book provides an enthusiastic and refreshing change of argument … Every aspect of home life is discussed, as well as the difficulties peculiar to each age group. Essentially a valuable book for young parents, but, as schools are complementary to the home, and as the teacher has sometimes to educate both parent and child, the primary teacher could enjoy and benefit by it’ — Sursum Corda.

‘This book is one of very many manuals for parents (and teachers) that I have read and outstandingly the best. Himself a journalist, a very popular talker on TV and the holder of a variety of posts involving the guidance and care of young people, he is in no danger of the comment often made (sotto voce) by parents in receipt of unsolicited clerical guidance on married life and the bearing and rearing of children — he does know what he’s talking about; he does understand and, with complete lack of sentimentality, love children’ — The Redemptorist Record.

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